Abbotsford Made Massive Deductions to Teachers’ Pay

Abbotsford teachers claim district has made massive unexpected payroll deductions

Posted on June 13, 2014 by grant.sigaty


Abbotsford teachers say they received an unexpected and unhappy surprise when they looked at their pay stubs this week.

They say the school district has deducted benefit payments for July, August, and September from this week’s paycheck, when normally the deductions would only be for July and August

They also claim that the district has assumed that teachers won’t be working the rest of the month and they haven’t been given the normal pay for a full month, and that half of the pay for the first two weeks has been withheld.

According to teachers, no notice was given of these changes and the massive deductions will hit many of them pretty hard.

District secretary treasurer Ray Velestuk responded…

“Changes were made to the mid-month advance (which is to be approx. 50% of the months pay) to account for the rotating strike days and the fact that we have been issued strike notice effective this Monday.   And we always deduct benefits for July, Aug, and Sept on the June paycheck.”

Chilliwack teachers association president Clint Johnston says he doesn’t think anything similar is happening in his district, but says from emails he’s seen Abbotsford is not an isolated case, and there may be other districts doing similar payroll deductions.

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