Abbotsford School District’s Curious Math Skills

Abbotsford was one of the few school districts which chose not to pay teachers for the day worked on September 19th, even though they had been told it would be a paid day.  In Coquitlam, the School Board cooperated with the teachers’ local union to work out a fair compromise, one which honoured the spirit of the agreement:

“Under the collective agreement, which Ferrari said the district applied correctly, teachers are paid 20 days in a month, so subtracting seven days left them with 13 paid days.

The district had sought advice from the BC Public School Employers Association, which issued its press release Monday stating teachers had been paid according to the collective agreement.

However, the superintendent said on review, not paying teachers for the eighth day, seemed unfair.

“This is a fairness issue for people who have done a pretty remarkable job in this district. It was the unintended consequences of an action and we would hope people would look at those unintended consequences.”

SD43 teachers meanwhile were pleased that their lobbying paid off. In a statement after the agreement was reached, CTA president Charley King said the board and the district made the right decision.

“We’re really pleased that School District 43 is honouring that provincial agreement and paying teachers for our work on Sept. 19th,” stated King. “We asked trustees to look into this issue and they did. Moreover, they made the decision to right this wrong and they made the decision to honour our provincial agreement. We’re grateful for that.”

By contrast, Abbotsford’s Superintendent, and by extension its School Board, took this rather draconian stance on paying their teachers…and thereby further damaged relationships with their teachers by making them feel cheated and taken advantage of:

7 vs 8 days explanation-1

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