Questions for Trustee Candidates

You might wish to contact trustee candidates individually, in order to ask them some questions regarding their campaign and their thoughts on public education and how they will support it.  A conscientious candidate will be someone who is willing to talk with you, not someone who avoids questions or answers in “double speak” by not really answering at all.

Here are some potential questions to ask:

1) their thoughts on the labour dispute, the cancellation of recess, the withdrawal of 10% of teachers’ pay

2) how EXACTLY they support BC’s public education system

3) whether they have read the BC Blueprint for Jobs (if YOU haven’t read this, click the link below….it’s vital to be informed about something which limits choice for students so drastically):

4) what their thoughts are on the court case appeal which begins in BC Supreme Court on October 14th

5) how they support teachers in their district; for example, did any of them write letters on behalf of teachers to the government during the strike, did any of them visit teachers on the picket line, did/do any of them respond to correspondence from teachers

Please remember to keep questions thoughtful and respectful, but don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions and demand sincere answers.  Don’t take “no” for an answer, and don’t let them ignore you; by doing so, they show their true character and they won’t be any different if they take office!

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