Your Responsibility Doesn’t End With Voting

Click on the link below to view an opinion piece published in the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper, regarding how to choose school trustee candidates wisely.

Although the piece talks about Victoria trustee candidates, ask yourselves the same questions about Abbotsford’s trustee candidates:

1) Do the incumbents “vote in blocks,” thereby minimizing the ideas/concerns of the other trustees and effectively negating some change?

2) Do you feel that the trustee in question (whether an incumbent or a new candidate) will be someone who is accountable to the public?  Have they answered emails or calls? Do they engage with the public at school board meetings? Did they visit teachers on the picket line (including non-incumbent candidates)? Do they ever visit schools?

3) Do they speak up for public education? Are they willing to go outside of their comfort zone to do so?

4) Do kids’ futures matter to them? Do they want today’s students to have choices available about what their future dreams and goals are?

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