Candidate Questionnaire Answers Now Posted

The majority of the school board trustee candidates’ answers are now posted on the ADTA website.

Please read them carefully, particularly responses to:

#5 – which indicates a trustee’s stance on voicing their own personal views on the recent job action, and cross-reference it with what their actions were (if you don’t know, ask them).

#8 – actions speak louder than words.  Who visited teachers? Who spoke out in the media, or elsewhere?

#9 – more info on this site about Abbotsford’s stance on the 8th day of pay, versus what other districts chose to do.

If you have questions that are not answered by this questionnaire, now is the time to email candidates and ask them personally.  Read everything they say, and refer to other articles on this website.  Choose wisely whose name you’re willing to put an “X” beside.

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