School Trustee Voting Guide (Inclusion BC)

Click on the link below to access Inclusion BC’s “School Trustee Voting Guide,” an excellent resource for those wishing to familiarize themselves with the candidates in their area and how to choose a worthy candidate to vote for.

New trustee candidate bios available

Know who you are voting for!  Be sure to check this website for up to date information and biographies of Trustee candidates:

Also, info from candidates will be available soon on the Abbotsford District Teachers’ Association website at:

Star FM and Abby News Links to Candidates

Please check back again later as well – these are the only links that have been provided so far.

Trustee Candidate Contact Information

This is the contact information for all declared trustee candidates.  Former ADTA (Abbotsford District Teachers’ Association) members are marked with a # symbol.  Current (incumbent) trustees are marked with a *.

— Phil Anderson:  Email =
— Noah Dwain Arney:  Email = / Website = / Twitter = @ndarney
— Balbir S. Gill:  Email = / Website = / Twitter = balbirgill
— Kamal Gill:  Email =
— # Harold Kokot:  Email =
— Tadeusz Kuczynski:  Email =
— # Freddy Latham:  Email = / Website = / Twitter = @freddylatham
— Graham Evan MacDonell:  Email =
— Kirpa Punam Kaur Mann:  Email =
— # Linda Matties:  Email =
— * Rhonda Pauls:  Email =
— Kevin Pedersen:  Email =
— * Stan Petersen:  Email = / Website = / Twitter = @stanfortrustee
— * Preet Rai:  Email =
— * Cindy Schafer:  Email =
— * Shirley Wilson:  Email = / Website = / Twitter = @shirleypwilson

Facebook for unbiased reporting?? YES!

For those who are on Facebook, pages like this (“Public Education Project – Elect Trustees Who Will Defend Public Education,” and “BC Voters Supporting BC Teachers and Public Education”) offer a wealth of information from a wide variety of sources.  Don’t just read mainstream media and think you are well-informed – those newspapers are biased, and will print what they are funded to print.  Ditto major TV stations.  Independent news sources like The Tyee and The Huffington Post offer a more balanced viewpoint, and yes, Facebook and Twitter do too!